I’m back! It’s video time and more updates…

13116161_959802457401612_1394912840603494908_o.jpgIt’s been a while! Almost exactly a year since I’ve last written here. There’s been so many changes and updates, I’ll just start with the massive shift in my direction and focus. The past few years, I’ve been heavily focusing on using my words to tell stories – interviewing only in audio and then transcribing them to create stories that will hopefully captivate readers.

But some things change and, while I’ll never stop writing, it’s no longer my career priority to be a newspaper reporter or magazine writer – using words to create powerful imagery that drip with anguish, humor, agony, facts, and lessons.

Case-in-point, I’m shifting towards the camera – the video camera.
It’s been a long time coming. I’ve always had two loves: music and visuals. It didn’t really matter if it was a TV show, a commercial, music video, movie or documentary. I just loved watching music and visual come together to create something powerful and meaningful. Coupled with a journalist’s brain and a nose for storytelling, it’s makes so much sense to go this route.

As a kid, I would listen to music and picture what the music video would be like in my head. I have the worse memory for lyrics, but I could always paint you a vivid picture of their message through my words, painting a story that you could see. Now, I’ll actually be creating that visual instead of describing it or simply leaving it in my head.

The Suit - PNG FILE LOGO 1.pngWith that said, I’d like to introduce my Facebook and Youtube page: The Suit. It’s all about stories: ones that make you cry, ones that make you wince, and ones that
are simply good stories told right!

With The Suit, I hope to capture everything from sports to everyday people to lifestyle, culture, travel and more.

So far, I’m starting with sports because of my history as a Sports Editor, my past position as the beat writer for the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team (Go R-U!), the only award I’ve ever received (in journalism) was for Sports Writing, and my proximity to the world of sports in Thailand. The past few years, my career has mainly centered around the natural drama and intensity of combat sports, specifically Muay Thai.


Given that man of my friends are Muay Thai and MMA fighters who take on all-comers in local stadium in Phuket, this just makes so much sense to document.

Top endscroonThe first video for The Suit, which I shot, edited, and produced, was all about following one of the trainers at my local gym. His nickname is Top, but many people call him Little Buakaw because of his resemblance to the famous fighter. Top is a multiple-time Muay Thai champion in Southern Thailand and various other places. I followed Top as he made his MMA debut in 2015 at Full Metal Dojo 6 in Bangkok, Thailand’s first MMA promotion which is run by many of my good friends in the capital and began back in 2014 in Phuket. See the fight here. See my video here.

I had no idea what to shoot, what exactly it would look like, but I didn’t care. I told myself, “get whatever you can, and make the decisions in post.” So that’s what I did and I’m pleased with the outcome. Sure, perhaps in a few years I’ll look back and think “damn, what did you do!” – but I’m not there yet!

Top in action at Full Metal Dojo. Photo: Singapore Maven

Throwing Elbows: Muay Thai Champion Makes MMA Debut

This documentary was a catalyst for a new series that I eventually launched soon after, but I’ll explain more about that later.

A few takeaways

  1. Never be afraid to shift. For years, I was not happy with where my journalism career was going. So I merged a few passions, made a few revelations (no one read anymore, unfortunately) and discovered a new love. Producing documentaries and films goes in line with storytelling, which is basically what I’ve always wanted to do anyway. Plus, there’s definitely room for journalism in this space.
  2. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. We’re all scared to fail, but it’s in those failures that breakthroughs are made. Giving up is just as bad as never starting, so putting yourself out there and creating your own high stakes, it’s what build character. Since I’ve started The Suit, many friends have come up to me saying how happy they are to see me finally going off to do my own thing. I just have to follow through.









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